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S007 D-Max MUX 


released for sale

The New WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available in Australia shortly.
It has been released with the Standard Parabolic Air Ram.
Due to the configuration of the plumbing to get the snorkel to work. The new smaller faced Parabolic air ram will not supply enough air at low to medium speed at below and at optimum revs
In these conditions the engine may starve for air.
Increasing fuel consumption and decrease power from standard, as many other snorkel brands do
There for standard Parabolic Air Ram is required The smaller air Ram is not Recommended 





New smaller Cold air induction Air Ram 

Open face of 110mm x 140

Will be released shortly


WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee
IS Now released for sale
Chevy Colorado / D Max diesel 
2.8 and 2.5 lts
Hi flow kit is being made S006


Summer sale sold out



DATE: December 6, 2012



Airflow Vector Pty Ltd Australia and Airflow America, LLC are proud to announce the latest offering in airflow snorkel performance for the second genera on Toyota Tacoma.

This is the first series of snorkels developed specifically for the US market marking a new beginning for the US enthusiasts, incorporating the latest technology arising from 20+ years of air flow research and development experience down under.

The snorkel follows the modern contours of the Tacoma while providing optimal airflow to keep up with the engine’s wide torque band. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and stencil for a seamless installation.


Part Number: S016

SK 75
This kit will increase the cold air captured on a 3" snorkel.
BIG  improve the power and fuel economy of your vehicle.
Increases the airflows from the square style
Reduced price


We only accept paypal as of 01.12.12









Summer Sale


60 Series Toyota S044 Sold Out

Serria S40 $249 Sold Out

Rocsta , petrol / diesel S041, S42 $249 Sold out

XJ Jeep Petrol S34 $249 Sold Out

Triton 2006 on S065 $299 Sold Out

S164 Rodeo NO swage 2003 -2008 Sold Out

S32 Prado 90 Petrol $199 Sold Out

Kia Sorrento S96P S96D $299 Sold out

S74 100 series $249 Sold Out

S012 Prado 120 Diesel $249 Sold Out

S100 Ford Ranger PJ $299 Sold out




Until sold out







New 4"  Multi fit cold air induction snorkel.
 to suit most 4WD.
This kit is designed for maxium air for Super Charge / Turbo engines
watch this space for details 
 Airflow Vector Pty Ltd is happy to release
of the Airflow Snorkel kit SK070 for the
3.5” Square Air Ram
The current Air Ram
All our current Cold Air Induction Snorkel kits are supplied with this Air Ram, which provides 3.8 times free air to the engine. However, some customers prefer a lesser performance to the benefit of a more pleasing look… So, by popular demand, we have re-released
The square Air Ram
Despite its lesser free air performance (only 1.85 times), this Air Ram may be more pleasing to the eye when associated with a “squarish” vehicle. So the choice is yours, looks or performance, Airflow Vector has it all!









 This Air Ram kit is available on demand only; it is not part of the original snorkel kit. It can be purchased on our web site as a replacement by following the link http://www.airflowsnorkels.com/details.php?id=118

We are developping new snorkels for the current models:

  • Holden Colorado
  • Isuzu Dmax
  • Nissan GQ 4.2 diesel
  • Toyota 80 series diesel
  • Holden Colardo diesel current year
  • Ford Ranger 2.5 diesel current year

 If you are interested in supplying your vehicle for the fitting, we will install it for free on your car. 

Read the form below and contact us for the timing! 


Car loan agreement for initial fitting of snorkel kit
In order to produce the best looking snorkel kit, we need to ensure that it is fitted by us at least once at our factory in Dromana. The design stages require several sittings. As an incentive for your cooperation, we guarantee to supply free of charge a snorkel kit fitted to your vehicle.
The deal is
Ø     We need the vehicle three times
o       1st time : Three to five hours (Mould of guard / "A" pillar, Under bonnet specification)
o       2nd time : Three to four hours
o       3rd time : Eight hours minimum but can extend to sixteen hours maximum
Ø     You leave with a snorkel fitted
If you are interested by such an offer and your vehicle is available, please fill out this form and email it to info@airflovector.com


Your name
Your telephone number
Your email
Vehicle brand
Vehicle type
Vehicle shape
Vehicle year
Vehicle fuel
1st fitting date and time
2nd fitting date and time
To be negotiated
3rd fitting date and time
To be negotiated

We just released the Holden RA Rodeo 2003-2008 (without swage) Part #: S164

This snorkel is developed with our Cold Air Induction technology.

It ought to improve the power of your car while providing better fuel economy... As a bonus, you can also cross rivers!

Note: This model is intended for the RA Rodeo without swage in the guard. If you car has a swage, look for model S163.



We are proud to announce the completion of the design and the manufacturing of the Hilux Diesel Left hand fit Turbo and/or EFI 97-06 snorkel kit, labeled S088ND
This kit replaces the former version. It uses our Cold Air Induction technology. It boasts a much larger snorkel that collects a larger volume of air supplied by our newly redesigned 3.5” Air Ram.
The initial comment from our first happy customer is: “Hey guys, the power increase is really there… I went up White Hill road in fourth gear, and I could still accelerate!”
 All the following kits have been replaced and comprise this new snorkel:
  • S085N Hilux Surf engine KNZ 185 series (Diesel 3.0L) (grey import)
  • S088ND Hilux Diesel Left hand fit Turbo and/or EFI 97-05
  • S088NP Hilux Petrol Left hand fit 97-05
  • S089N Hilux Diesel Non Turbo or Non EFI
We released a new Air Ram
New Aerodynamic Air Ram screen
· Reduces air turbulence in the air ram
· Increase cyclonic speed
· More efficient particle separation even a lower speed
· Increase air intake as much as 50%
· Increased boost to manifold pressure
· Increase power
· Decrease of fuel consumption

This Air Ram is now included in all our recent kits. It can be purchased as a replacement for the old hat by following the link http://www.airflowsnorkels.com/details.php?id=95