Hilux Diesel Left hand fit Turbo and/or EFI 97-06
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Product Specifications

Hilux Diesel Left hand fit Turbo and/or EFI 97-06

Part #: S088ND


This kit replaces the former version. It uses our Cold Air Induction technology. It boasts a much larger snorkel that collects a larger volume of air supplied by our newly redesigned 3.5” Air Ram.
The initial comment from our first happy customer is: “Hey guys, the power increase is really there… I went up White Hill road in fourth gear, and I could still accelerate!”
This kit exists in three other different versions, depending on the fuel and engine characteristics. If unsure, please check the other kits S085N, S088NP or S089N to match it to your requirements.

Further details on this vehicle can be obtained at :



Download Fitting Instructions

Download Layout

Price: $495.00